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I am a V6 Overlanding Landcruiser Prado, yes I am thirsty, but hey off-roading makes one tired.

My tires has been on roads not found on tracks for Africa and beyond. I have taken my family many times from A to B and back home.

I have driven over 100 000km in South Africa and close to 150 000 in Namibia. It took my family way to long to put me in touch with my followers and to tell them where I go and what I do. I have played hide and seek with the Lonemen from the Kaokoland, let me tell you they are very good in hide and seek. I have witnessed the Kavango river running into the Atlantic ocean. I have witnessed my driver swimming in this same river... " Hey dude!! The crocodiles!!!" I have smelled the air of the entire Skeleton Coast the 500km! It is one of the largest National Parks in Namibia. I have been to dead ancient trees that is million years old and a Burnt mountain. I have seen Brandberg many times, many times. In Damaraland, Kaokoland and Kunene Region I learnt limits, I learnt that the terrain is harsh and was probably one of my toughest trail running I did. I only came back with a broken back window and a broken arm. It is so worth it playing on the gravel in these area. Wild, Beautiful and definitely for the more experienced.

Moving on to the other side... I tried my luck with Tiger Fishing at the Zambezi and exploring the Caprivi strip, the whole one! I had to be careful of lions as I was running through long grass plains in the Nakasa Lupala Park, be silent witnessing elephants playing in mud in Mahango Park and trying to get a good capture after a buffalo saw me and started running in the Bwabwa Park.

The biggest meoterite in the world... Been there, got the tire. Northern Namibia is a spectacular place where you need time to explore all the beauty, lots of time. Chasing scenery here, also takes a great deal of planning... like petrol and supplies.

Playing in South Africa is a little easier as there is more signal and fuel stations. I have been from North to South, West to East in SA. Time was spend exploring Cango caves and seeing what the most Southern Point of Africa looks like, Did you know the 2 oceans also meet here. What a meeting hey!

With over 250 000km gravel travel, I am the Overlanding Prado exploring with my family - Andre, Nolene, Lehan and Zoe. This is us Chasing Gravel!

What to expect in our posts: How do we pack light with kids?

Where did we go?

How was the terrain?

What do you need overlanding?

What can you do in Swakopmund, Walvisbay and so forth.

Where can you replace a tire?

What local cell phone connection do you have and where?

Many more. We will be sharing valuable and interesting info as we go. If you like you can watch our channel on youtube and see what we get up to. We are also on Facebook and Instagram.

Hope you subscribe to our blogpost!

Till the next adventure

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